About Oxford Cafe

The story of Oxford Cafe as a Midtown Manhattan staple began 35 years ago with the opening of its first location at 375 Fifth Avenue. The rest is history, and today Oxford Cafe maintains three fast casual restaurant locations that are known for their speedy service, diverse product offerings, and competitive prices.

Our Philosophy

To thrive in one of the world's most competitive restaurant environments, the ownership and employees of Oxford Cafe have steadfastly adhered to three principles: 1. To provide high quality food offerings by purchasing only the best ingredients and serving products made fresh daily at each restaurant 2. To offer customers value on a daily basis with our fair prices 3. To maintain a high level of service at all times and ensure that every customer's needs are being met

Our Outlook

In an ever-growing and increasingly competitive fast casual market in New York City, we at Oxford Cafe are constantly seeking ways to please our loyal customers and to develop new lifelong fans of the Oxford Cafe brand. We are currently developing new menu items and are excited to continue building our strong relationship with New York for years to come.